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Sarah's Audio Testimonial

Nick - February 2024

Thanks Wesley. Your coaching magic has really helped me get to this point.

Katy - December 2023

Wesley is brilliant. His approach feels different to everyone else’s with a very unique feel to it, it’s a much more personal way of doing things, not only can it be online or face to face, but he also offers a walk, or sitting in a café or even making sourdough - so it just feels different in a lovely way before you’ve even begun. It’s very relaxed and he has an excellent way of getting you to reach some form of clarity yourself. Having finished my sessions, I’ve come away feeling clear, inspired and have a plan. Talking to someone to unpick things to live a better way if not the best way for you is incredibly powerful and Wesley is definitely your man for that. I will be recommending him to everyone I know that could benefit from his coaching. He offers longer sessions than usual at an affordable rate, so it takes the stress out of that too!

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