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Sarah's Audio Testimonial

At first, we thought that we had enough strategies to navigate through the issues ourselves, but after circling around and not finding answers we knew it was time to get some help.


Through Wesley’s coaching, we have not only been able to come to terms with the decision to move to the opposite end of the country, but I can now see how the change will be good for both of us. We have found the time spent together to discuss everything extremely valuable. Wesley’s facilitation enabled us to have conversations and reflection in a neutral space. We feel united and stronger as a couple going into our next chapter.


We would recommend Wesley’s Life Coaching to anyone who feels stuck at a crossroads in their life and not sure which path to take – you help shine a light on all paths, allowing people to more easily choose which to take, highlighting how they can enjoy the journey and direction.


We would both like to express our thanks for the time Wesley gave us to listen to our situation and to support us through the change. It’s been invaluable and after each session we come home feeling united as a couple, resilient and reinvigorated: excited about what lies ahead.

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