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How I work

What do I mean by life coaching? And how would I work with you?

I’m often asked about my coaching approach or coaching style which is not always easy to quantify but there are a few things I can say… 

Life coaching for me means working with you to support and achieve personal success and fulfilment in life. It’s defined by what is important to you and what you might be grappling with.

The first thing you need to know is it’s all tailored around you. You set the direction and you set where you would like to get to. I ask you to be ambitious for yourself and your world and to set yourself worthy goals. As a coach we will craft and articulate these together.

There will be time for calm, quiet space to think and reflect and equally time for challenge. Some people find visual and physical cues drawing really helpful, others will find that with talking alone we can unpick things and think more deeply. There is no specific programme that we follow.

I do, however, have a drawer equipped with exercises, models and approaches that can help us progress forward and unlock. We’ll take what is most useful for you in the moment.


When thinking about setting goals and actions, I’ll ask you to really think about what gets you going.

What lights you up?

What takes you beyond yourself?

What will push you and unlock your greatness?

What will give you more?

What’s most important to you?

What is daunting for you?

I do not make promises about what we can achieve together, but I have seen how coaching can help people make changes towards a fulfilling life and how your input and commitment is as important as it is for me. Together we’ll work out the best way forward.

Alternative Coaching methods

Bread making

I am an avid sourdough bread maker and I love to incorporate this into my Life Coaching sessions. 

I offer both half-day and full day breadmaking and coaching sessions, during which I introduce you to a delicious array of bread recipes to use on our coaching journey. The sessions are mindful, compassionate and explorative – kneading your growth. For these in-person sessions, the
venue, all baking materials and equipment is provided.


Alternatively, if you would like to book an online session that is also

Click here to read about bread-making & life coaching.


Something that I have found works really well, is walking and coaching. I feel it restores us, grounds us and nourishes our growth. 

There are so many benefits of getting out in the fresh air and nature; it releases endorphins and improves your well-being.

Nature is scientifically proven to increase well-being, improve cognitive functioning, boost creativity and enhance vitality. 

There is also something about walking side-by-side that enables people to open up. It enables clients to be more honest, not only with me but with themselves. It's less off-putting than having someone stare at you while you're trying to think.

I always make sure I'm prepared for a downpour by taking extra waterproofs and a flask of tea.

Art gallery or museum

If you aren't someone who likes to get their hands dirty, then bread-making might not be for you. 


Instead, why not visit a museum or art gallery together, and use it to inspire and break down barriers.


We can explore and use images and objects as metaphors to explore and open up new possibilities and discover together the steps to nourish and restore. 

a chat over coffee

Who doesn't like sitting down with a hot cup of coffee (or tea) and really getting down to what matters. The bustling coffee shop environment, along with a slice of your favourite cake works well with my coaching sessions.

​What I don’t do…

I do not offer advice as a part of my coaching. You know yourself better than I do. My role is to help facilitate your thinking and unlock your greatness. 

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