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Action Learning & Appreciative Inquiry Facilitation

Action Learning and Appreciative Inquiry are both strength-based models that involves a groups and teams to work together on real problems and is particularly effective for helping organisations develop creative, flexible and successful strategies to pressing problems.

How do I use Action Learning & Appreciative Inquiry?

I use Action Learning and Appreciative Inquiry to support organisational practice and professional development. 


I am an accredited and experienced at delivering and facilitating both Action Learning and Appreciative Inquiry and have regularly facilitated teams and groups since 2012.

An action learning and appreciative inquiry models bring together peers or colleagues who may or may not know each other. They’re then required to talk quite openly about specific issues, so that the process of reaching a plan of action for progress can take place.

When is it useful?

  • To support organisational development and organisational change

  • To face major challenges

  • To test out new ways of working

  • To map out ways to deal with a new situation

  • To create reflection time for learning

If Action Learning or Appreciative Inquiry is something that interests you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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