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Something a little different...

Sourdough & Life Coaching

The harmony of life coaching and sourdough bread-making.

Flour on Dough

Have you ever thought about combining life coaching with sourdough bread-making? It is a day of discovery, chemistry, adventure, and joy.

I offer both half-day and full day bread-making and coaching sessions, during which I introduce you to a delicious array of bread recipes to use on our coaching journey. The sessions are mindful, compassionate, and explorative – kneading your growth.

For these in-person sessions, the venue, all baking materials, and equipment is provided.

Click here to read my recent blog post about Sourdough bread-making and coaching. 

"[Wesley’s] very gentle approach to teasing out answers to questions I didn’t know I needed to ask myself is brilliant."

"The idea of baking - knead to grow - is I’m sure the best to develop [the] relationship… otherwise it can be quite awkward... but to do [something] together that bonds you, helps that mentor mentee relationship."

"I loved that the time was broken up by the (k)needs of the ‘dough’, little chapters of
conversation that could focus on one question or thought."

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